The 12 Best WordPress Plugins for Business Websites

Over a third of all websites run on WordPress. This translates to roughly half a billion websites. It would be an understatement to call WordPress popular.

But WordPress of itself is a bit limited when it comes to functionality. This is why plugins exist.

This guide lists the best WordPress plugins for business websites. So if you’re looking to bring your business site to the next level, you’ve come to the right place.

Of course, not all WordPress plugins are relevant for all sites. That’s why I’ve divided this guide in two parts: must-have plugins for every business website (such as SEO and security plugins) and the best plugins per category (such as live chat and ecommerce).

Let’s jump right in.

Must-have WordPress plugins for every website

The best WordPress SEO plugin: Yoast SEO

Yoast logo

Optimizing for SEO helps you draw in more organic traffic through search engines such as Google. And although WordPress in itself already is quite SEO-friendly, a good SEO plugin is a must-have for any site.

Yoast – named after its Dutch founder Joost de Valk – is among WordPress’ most popular plugins with 9 million installs. It’s a great tool for improving your site’s on-page SEO.

The plugin helps you connect your site to Google Search Console, add meta tags, put the right number of keywords in your articles and more. Yoast also helps you improve your writing. It lets you know if your copy is hard to read, for instance because you use too many long sentences or favor a passive voice over an active voice.

Yoast also comes with a powerful redirect feature which lets you add 301 redirects. On top of that it detects changing URLs and sets up automatic redirects, ensuring you won’t be dealing with broken internal links on your website.

The plugin also automatically generates a sitemap which you can submit to Google.

The best Google Analytics plugin: MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights art - WordPress plugin.

MonsterInsights is a fantastic Google Analytics plugin with over 2 million active installs. With this plugin it takes you just a few clicks to connect your site with Google Analytics. You can then check through Google Analytics via which channel users land on your site, which pages they browse and much more.

You can connect Google Analytics to your WordPress site without a plugin but doing so requires adding tracking code manually to your site, which is a hassle.

The free version of MonsterInsights offers you an overview of the most important Google Analytics stats straight in your WordPress dashboard. You can upgrade to premium which shows you all stats and embeds Google Search Console in your dashboard, too. Personally I feel the added value of this is pretty minimal, but if you want to save time on switching between your site statistics dashboards, going premium is a good option.

The best WordPress security plugin: Loginizer

Loginizer Security art - WordPress.

WordPress websites are getting hacked frequently. In fact, a hacker group tried to hijack as many as 900.000 WordPress websites quite recently.

Now, you shouldn’t think that just by installing a plugin your site will be 100% safe all of a sudden. It’s up to you to ensure your WordPress installation and plugins all stay up to date. With managed WordPress hosting, your provider can take of this for you. If you fail to take care of this, hackers will be able to exploit vulnerabilities that come with using outdated software.

Once you meet these preconditions however, the Loginizer plugin can almost guarantee the safety of your site. This plugin protects you from brute force attacks by blocking the IP-address of your attacker after a certain amount of login attempts.

Loginizer is used by over a million WordPress websites.

The best caching plugin for WordPress: W3 Total Cache 

W3 Total Cache art for WordPress.

If you’re not using a caching plugin for your WordPress website, then each element of your site gets loaded again with each visit. Even if your visitor has seen this content before. Using a caching plugin speeds up your website, offers a better user experience, asks less of your server and is ultimately good for SEO.

W3 Total Cache is a great free to use caching plugin. The plugin is open-source and straight away gives you access to all features.

Bear in mind that the W3 Total Cache plugin can at first feel a little bit complicated to use. For instance, the setting section consists of 16 pages. However, you don’t need to go down the rabbit hole and adjust all of these settings. The standard set up works just fine. Unless you’re an experienced WordPress user, I recommend you stick with the standard settings.

If you’re a SiteGround user, I recommend you stick with their SG Optimizer plugin for your caching needs.

The best WordPress backup plugin: UpdraftPlus

UpdraftPlus art.

Good web hosting providers offer free daily backups of your site. Still, any webmaster worth their salt makes their own backups of their site as well.

UpdraftPlus is the most popular WordPress backup plugin with over 2 million active installs. You can send automatic backups of your site to DropBox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, DreamObjects, UpdraftVault, Rackspace Cloud, FTP Openstack Swift and email. The paid version of the plugin adds a bunch of other options such as Microft OneDrive and Google Cloud Storage as well.

This plugin makes it also extremely easy to restore your site with a backup, in case things have gone south. All it takes are a few clicks.

The free version of this plugin probably has got you totally covered, but the paid version offers more features and better customer support.

The best busines WordPress plugins per category

The best WordPress membership plugin: MemberPress

MemberPress logo

MemberPress is plugin which lets allows you to have your visitors pay for your content. With this plugin you can easily set up monthly subscriptions, manage and track these, and sell digital products.

On top of this, MemberPress enables you to hide certain articles, category pages, videos and forums behind a paywall.

MemberPress works with all popular payment methods and is a great fit for ecommerce websites using WooCommerce.

The best reservations plugin for WordPress: Bookly

Bookly site

If you want your site to facilitate online appointments or reservations, then Bookly is a must-have plugin.

Online reservation systems smoothen up the processes behind the scenes while giving your visitors a great user experience. If your business works with reservations but you don’t offer this online, you’re ignoring what your customers are after: 70% of people prefers making bookings online.

Bookly is a well-designed plugin, both on the frontend as the backend. It offers tons of opportunities to adjust your online reservations according to your taste.

The plugin also lets you take pre-payments when your visitors make a reservation.

The best WordPress popup plugin: Layered Popups

Layered Popups site

Popups can be a great way to generate downloads, build an email list or get more sales. Whatever your goal is, you’re going to need a plugin to facilitate popups.

Layered Popups is a great option given the creative spin you can put on your popups. The internet is overflowing with generic popups. Layered Popups gives you a lot more design opportunities than its alternatives. It will really help your popups stand out.

You can integrate Layered Popups with over 50 of the world’s most popular email marketing platforms. It also lets you do A/B split test which let your try variations of your popups and see which one converts best.

There are several ways in which you can trigger popups, such as scroll-depth of your visitors or your visitors’ exit intent.

This plugin costs $24.

The best live chat plugin: LiveChat

LiveChat site

If you’re looking for a super easy way for your site’s visitors to contact you, live chat support is the way to go. Phone support or email support gives a bit of a hurdle, while nobody minds clicking on a chat icon and start typing away.  

LiveChat is a great chat support plugin. It’s easy to use and sets your website up with live chat support in just a few clicks.

You can personalize the plugin in a number of ways, and thanks to its mobile app you can easily deal with customer queries on the move.

You can hook up LiveChat customer service software, sales tools and email marketing tools.

With $75 this plugin is quite pricey. However, this is one of those premium plugins that beats the free alternatives by a landslide.

The best website builder plugin for WordPress: Divi

Divi art for WordPress.

I’m not shy about proclaiming my love for Divi. I think it’s a fantastic product (I built WebsiteGecko and a number of other sites with it), suitable for a super wide range of WordPress websites. Building websites with Divi is an absolute breeze, no matter your technical prowess.

It isn’t surprising that Divi is one of the most-used website builders in the world. Divi lets you build your site on the front end with a drag-and-drop builder. This means you get to see the results of your web design straight away, which lets you can easily change things on the fly.

On top of that, Divi has probably the best support I’ve ever seen – with any company. Their support staff really go above and beyond when it comes to helping you out. They’re super-fast to respond, too.

In this guide I show you how to build a website using Divi.

De beste WordPress URL verkorter: Pretty Links

Pretty Links logo

Pretty Links is the perfect tool for affiliate marketeers, podcasters and entrepreneurs looking for an easy way to create short, crisp-looking URLs for their WordPress site.

If you’re an affiliate marketeer, this plugin helps you manage your affiliate links and make them simple, short and memorable. This looks a lot better than an endless string of random characters and numbers which you often see in affiliate links. You get to add your own domain name to these external links. This separates the service from tools like tinyurl or which merely let you shorten URLs.

The best WordPress ecommerce plugin: WooCommerce

WooCommerce site

WooCommerce is the plugin if you’re looking to build an ecommerce store with WordPress. At this point, over 4 million websites are using WooCommerce.

Working with WooCommerce has a couple of massive advantages over a solution like Shopify. Given that the plugin is open source, you get to own and control all of your content and data. On top of that, you can count on the support of an online community.

After activating WooCommerce it will be a matter of minutes before you’ve put on product- and payment pages, have set up secure online payment methods, configured delivery options and more.

Conclusion: The best WordPress plugins for business sites

And with this we’ve come to the end of this list of the best WordPress plugins for businesses.

I’m sure you’ll find a great plugin here to super-charge your business website.

Which plugin from this list are you looking to give a shot? Do you think I missed out on some great plugins?

Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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