Kinsta Web Hosting Review

Kinsta is one of the most well-known managed WordPress hosting providers. The company is based in California and London but has got data centers around the world.

They can count TripAdvisor, General Electric and Ubisoft among their clientele. Many Fortune 500 companies use Kinsta, but you’ll also find bloggers and smaller businesses who expect the best, hassle-free WordPress hosting for their websites using this hosting service..

As opposed to your average hosting provider, Kinsta runs on the Google Cloud Platform. This leads to an insanely good performance across the board.

Having said all that, Kinsta costs a small fortune. Which begs the question, is Kinsta the best web hosting provider for you and your business?

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The best premium managed WordPress hosting provider – bar none

The three most important factors which determine the quality of a web host are customer support, uptime and speed. Let’s see how Kinsta fares here.

Kinsta homepage.


Kinsta’s uptime is nearly flawless. A test website which got tracked through Pingdom shows a perfect 100% uptime for over half of the tested months.

Kinsta speed and uptime.

Other hosting companies I’ve researched are doing well on this front, too. But there are levels to this game. And Kinsta’s pulverizes 99% of all hosting companies out there when it comes to uptime.

With hosting, everything hinges on uptime. What good would a super-fast website do when you can’t access it? Shaky uptime leads to angry visitors and missed income. With Kinsta the odds of running into these types of problems are negligible.

Uptime can be impacted by your web host (think of a server that goes offline), but also by external threats. Think about attacks from hackers.

In order to combat these external threats, all of Kinsta’s plans contain a website check which runs every two minutes. This guarantees that even if your site goes offline courtesy of a hack, you’ll find it back online in no-time.


There’s a lot you can do about the speed of your site. You can compress your images, use a caching plugin and remove CSS bloat. But at the end of the day, all of that will be for naught if your web host is slow.   

Kinsta guarantees a fast-loading website. As you can see on the image above, their average loading times hoover around 400 milliseconds.

According to Google, over 53% of mobile visitors will navigate away from a site which takes over 3 seconds to load. Slow websites lead to higher bounce rates and are an absolute conversion rate killer.

For any site with a commercial angle, you should make sure it’s as fast as possible. Using a web host like Kinsta goes a long way here.

Customer support

Before you become a Kinsta customer you can’t use their live chat. You’ll find a little chat icon on their website, but this turns out to lead to a contact form.

The situation improves significantly once you’re a customer. Kinsta offers 24/7 live chat support and their customer service has among the fastest response times in the industry. You’ll get a response within 1 minute and 27 seconds on average (according to their site), although I myself have never experienced a waiting time of more than a minute.

Kinsta only offers live chat support. You can’t reach them by phone. Is this a problem? Personally I don’t think so. A technical question or problem tends to get solved much easier over a chat box than a phone call. You’ll probably won’t miss the lack of phone support at all.  

As you’d expect from a premium managed WordPress host, the knowledge and skill of their customer support team is outstanding. Kinsta claims to hire just 1% of their customer service applicants. To me this seems believable. Their team knows just about anything about WordPress and offers strikingly detailed answers to pretty much anything I ask them.

On top of that, Kinsta offers an extensive knowledge bank which is filled to the brim with how-to guides and tutorials. And if you aren’t too much into either that or live chat, then they also offer email support.

Kinsta knowledge bank.

Kinsta doesn’t mess around when it comes to performance

Google Cloud Platform instead of decade-old PC’s

Kinsta runs on the Google Cloud Platform. This means your website runs at the speed of Google – a pretty unique feat in the web hosting industry.

Most web hosting companies manage their own data centers or rent servers in existing data centers. The problem with this is that the hardware used here doesn’t get replaced very often. Your average host uses 10-year-old servers – or even older.

Google Cloud Platform on the other hand, always uses state-of-the-art hardware.

Kinsta offers no shared hosting plans. Everything is cloud-based. On top of that, users can only install WordPress on Kinsta, no other web applications such as Magento. The great thing about this is that it improves the performance of your site even more: everything is geared towards letting WordPress websites run as smoothly as possible.

Data centers worldwide

When adding a site to your Kinsta account you can choose from one of 24 data centers. You can host every site on your account from a different location. To put this into context, most hosting providers have 3-5 data centers at most.

Kinsta's datacenter locations through the Google Cloud Platform.

The fact that you can find Kinsta’s data centers in pretty much all corners of the world is an absolute boon to internationally oriented websites. Thanks to Kinsta’s proprietary CDN (Content Delivery Network), your visitors will always access your site from a data center which is closest to them. The result? Incredible loading speeds worldwide.

Other hosting providers also often offer a CDN, but from a third party like Cloudflare. And often this would be the free, slow version. On top of that, the benefits a CDN are limited if a host has, say, only 3 datacenters.

Kinsta’s bespoke CDN is blazing fast and is included in the price. And with Google’s 24 data centers across the world, pretty much every visitor to your site will benefit from it.

User friendliness, costs and extras

Kinsta’s uptime, speed and customer support are pretty flawless. But how do they do when it comes to costs, user friendliness and the extras you’ll receive?


Kinsta has developed their own dashboard. So you won’t be using cPanel or another existing panel.

Their dashboard is one of most easy-to-use, intuitive ones you’ll find. Unlike with cheaper hosting solutions, you won’t get bothered by pop-ups which try to upsell something to you. Then again, Kinsta isn’t a company that has that many opportunities for upselling anything: all of their hosting plans contain pretty much all of their features and extras.

Hosting dashboard.

Kinsta’s dashboard is a little bit more bare bones than that of other hosting providers. There are less levers you can pull, less opportunities for customization. This makes sense: Kinsta has already configured pretty much everything to ensure WordPress websites run as smoothly as possible. And of course, you can only use Kinsta for WordPress sites – nothing else.

Domain registration, email and other extras

Kinsta doesn’t let your register a domain name – you’ll have to use a third party like Google Domains. This is a bit inconvenient, but on the other hand fits Kinsta’s philosophy completely. Instead of doing 1000 things halfheartedly, Kinsta focusses on doing just one thing, and doing it very well: offer the best WordPress hosting there is.

Although it’s convenient to register a domain name through a web hosting provider, you do tend to pay more than you would using a dedicated domain registration service. Plus, Kinsta makes it super easy to hook up a domain name from a third party to your site.

Kinsta also doesn’t offer any email accounts. You’d have to use a provider like G Suite. This is a shame on the one hand. However, as a prospective Kinsta user you’d probably be keen on using a dedicated email provider anyway, instead of an open-source email provider that comes with a web host.

All of Kinsta’s plans come with a free SSL-certificate and free daily and on-demand backups. You could even opt for hourly backups, but this will cost you extra.

You can easily transfer your website from your current host through a free, completely managed website migration. For some popular hosting providers, such as GoDaddy, Bluehost and Hostgator, they even let you do so for as many websites as you like.


Kinsta is by far one of the most expensive hosting services out there. Given the quality differential the comparison might not be completely fair, but the bottom line is that Kinsta’s cheapest plan is 30 times as expensive as Hostinger’s.

So let’s take a look at what their pricing structure exactly looks like.

Monthly or yearly costs

As opposed to most web hosting services, Kinsta doesn’t do promotional fees. What you see is what you get. You can pay per month or a year ahead. If you opt for the latter, you’ll get a discount which is the equivalent of two months of hosting.

This is what the costs look like for their starter plans:

  • Starter. $30 per month, $300 per year
  • Pro. $60 per month, $600 per year
  • Business 1. $100 per month, $1,000 per year

Extra costs when breaking through visitor cap

The costs of your plans are primarily based on the number of visitors you’re attracting. If you exceed the visitor limited of your plan, your site won’t get pulled offline as is often the case elsewhere. However, it will cost you: $1 per 1,000 visitors to be precise.

This is what this could look like in practice:

Crossing the visitor limit
5.000 – $5 extra costs
15,000 – $15 extra costs
28,000 – $28 extra costs
26,000 – $56 extra costs

30-day money back

Kinsta offers a 30-day money back policy. This is standard practice within the hosting industry but being able to cancel on a monthly basis isn’t. Combine these two and you’ve got yourself a hosting provider which you can give a shot with pretty much no risks involved.

Kinsta hosting plans

As mentioned before, Kinsta offers no shared hosting plan. Everything is cloud-based.

Kinsta's hosting plans.

All of their plans use the same infrastructure. This means that whenever you upgrade to a more advanced plan, you won’t be dealing with any pesky infrastructure migration issues, such as website downtime.

The most important differences within Kinsta’s plans are the number of visitors, the amount of disk space and the number of websites you get to host.


  • $30 per month ($300 per year)
  • 1 WordPress installation
  • 25,000 monthly visitors
  • 10 GB disk space
  • Free SSL & CDN


  • $60 per month ($600 per year)
  • 2 WordPress installations
  • 50,000 monthly visitors
  • 20 GB disk space
  • Free SSL & CDN

Business 1

  • $100 per month ($1.000 per year)
  • 5 WordPress installations 
  • 100,000 bezoekers
  • 30 GB disk space
  • Free SSL & CDN

After Business 1 there are 3 more Business plans. Then come the enterprise plans. Enterprise plans cost up to $1,500 per month, can handle 150 different WordPress installations and are suitable for up to 3 million monthly visitors.

In case your needs are even bigger, you can put together a custom plan with the Kinsta team.

Same features per plan

With some providers the difference between their cheapest and most expensive plans is the equivalent of the difference between RyanAir economy class flight and Emirates business class. With Kinsta it’s as if you’re flying business class with every plan.

The features their plans contain are incredibly consistent. Bar a few small differences, they are identical.

This leads to a fully premium experience regardless of the plan you go with. It also makes picking a plan super easy: just pick one based on your traffic.  

Features of Kinsta's hosting plans.

The bottom line: Kinsta is pricey but 100% worth it for certain websites

Are you looking for the singular best premium WordPress provider out there? And aren’t costs that relevant to you? Then Kinsta is the perfect host for your website. It’s the holy grail when it comes to managed WordPress hosting, and they’re one the best hosting providers out there – period.

Especially if you’re operating internationally or have international ambitions Kinsta is an ideal solution. Other hosting providers don’t even come close to their 24 data centers.

With Kinsta you can also be certain of a hassle-free experience. This is because they use the latest hardware and invest heavily in their support.

At the end of the day however, Kinsta costs a small fortune. They are absolutely not suitable for new, smaller websites with little traffic. If your website falls in that category, I’d recommend you check out SiteGround. SiteGround runs on the Google Cloud Platform as well but is a whole lot more affordable than Kinsta.


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